Today is my Birthday and maybe at my age Birthdays shouldn’t matter, but I still like to celebrate my special day, the day that I was born. It’s important to me, but I’m not sure it’s the same for Sedgewick.

Getting Sedgewick to remember anything is difficult at times. Folks in the village say that his brain is just like the huge vintage flour sieve we use in the bakery! So when there was no sign of a card or “Happy Birthday” greeting this morning, I assumed he’s forgotten what day it was.

I tried not to mind, but as the hours passed I really began to be miffed. Sedgewick went about his business as usual, chatting to customers and being attentive to everyone except me. As the day wore on the atmosphere in the bakery became decidedly chilly.

We closed the bakery as usual and I was just about to prepare the evening meal, when a large, box tied with a pink bow appeared on the table before me. ”Surprise! Happy Birthday!” beamed my husband. “You thought I’d forgotten. What a laugh.” I did not quite see the joke, but at least he had remembered.

Enthusiastically, I untied the ribbon, opened the box and began to peel away layers of rustling tissue paper. Eventually my gift was revealed. A flat iron!

I felt flat too. What a thoughtless gift, how could he? I wasn’t upset, I was furious, but as I was about to give Sedgewick a piece of my mind, another tiny box was placed in my hand.

This was a light as a feather. Another joke? An empty box maybe? His humour was wearing thin. Reluctantly I opened it and my heart leapt when I saw what was inside. The sweetest little pearl-cluster brooch, just made to set off my Sunday-best dress. The joke was over.

“How could I forget my ‘Old Puddings’ Birthday’?” He squeezed my hand.

“Very Easily.” I thought to myself. And less of the ’Old pudding’ please.