The Internet is useful and Facebook etc. help us to keep in touch with our friends and family every minute of the day. This can be great but addictive and sometimes don’t you just long to switch off your screen? Do you really need to know that your best friend is dining in some swanky restaurant when you are making do with egg and chips?

Surely ‘Face-to-face’ is best of all. Nothing can beat being with someone you care for and sharing ideas and experiences right there, together. An Internet hug is empty compared with the real thing and even egg and chips are special when you share them with a friend.

Of course we live in a frantic world and many people can only find time to bang off an email or post to Facebook, but have we all forgotten that there is another kind of post? Often referred to as ‘Snail-mail’, it’s that wonderful way of actually sending a card or letter to someone special. Nothing compares with the sound of a letter hitting the doormat and picking it up to discover your name written by someone’s hand, in ink that’s flowed into the fibers of a hand-laid paper envelope.

At Crumble Cottage we understand that everyone is busy, but why not make a cuppa and take time to sit and write to someone who would love to hear from you. Our delicate Note Cards are made for a quick note. You don’t have to say too much to make someone feel special and let them know that you are thinking of them.

There are many times when an email just won’t do and is the cost of a stamp really too high a price to pay to make someone’s day?