Magical Wedding Day

Just a few cake crumbs remain, the bunting is put away, posh frocks back in the wardrobe and the bottle bank is groaning with another donation of empty champagne bottles! What a wonderful day!

As I write this in the Crumble Cottage studio, the English weather has returned to normal and it’s raining! The Royal wedding was pure magic on the most glorious day and England looked her very best.

How do we do it? How does this tiny little island put on the most magnificent show that attracts 2 billion viewers worldwide? Obviously everyone adores a love story and this is true of Harry and Meghan, but also I think it’s because it’s in our blood. We’ve been at the forefront of pageantry and tradition forever and we take enormous pride in this.

I get a lump in my throat every time I see those magnificent soldiers in their brilliant uniforms, shining breastplates and polished boots. They make it look so easy, but they rehearse for months to make sure that everything goes without a hitch.

We’re rather like that at Crumble Cottage. We believe in this wonderful country of ours and we work tirelessly to produce the very best we can here in the British Isles. Everything is designed in Oxfordshire and produced in Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Birmingham and Sussex. It takes dedication, planning and sheer hard work, but we believe that it’s worth it.

Our books are all about tradition too. They may not tell of grand events such as the royal wedding, but they chronicle the little things that matter and make this country special.

On the subject of ‘little things’ it’s not widely known that I’m a ‘Mouse Maker’! I make a limited number of tiny hand-made mice every year for sale at Christmas. I started several years ago with just a few, but every Christmas the demand grows. So I just had to offer my best wishes to the Duke and Duchess, by making my own happy couple! Not as stylish maybe, but still devoted to each other.

Hope you like them.