Don’t you ever wish that you could stop the clock, switch off your phone, tablet and PC? Find some peace and a place just to be yourself, a quiet haven where no one makes demands of you. A place just for you alone with your thoughts and time to think.

Our world is so chaotic, pressured and unforgiving. We fly round like headless chickens trying to wrestle with a full-time job, the demands of our children and partners and keeping our home running too.

At this time of year school is over and it’s time to prepare for your precious family Summer holiday, but, even when this longed for break comes round things seem to get even more hectic. It starts with the pre-holiday washing, ironing and packing, which usually falls to Mum. Then thanks to the goings-on at airports we are all faced with endless queues of hot and angry travellers desperate to get through security. Our low-cost airlines herd us on to planes and we are totally shattered by the time we reach our holiday destination.

If we’re lucky our hotel or villa will be lovely, the wine cheap and the local cuisine delicious and we chill and over-indulge for a few precious days. We feel re-charged, calm and ready to return home, full of resolve to be better organized, less-stressed and to find a better work/ leisure balance.

Then we arrive at an overcrowded, chaotic and over-heated airport only to find that our flight has been delayed. Stress levels rise again and by the time we get home we are back to square one.

Here at Crumble Cottage we are unashamedly old fashioned. We relish the simple life of bygone days and we work hard to make sure that every one of our customers can experience a taste of the peace and magic of Crumble Cottage.

Everything we do reflects a simpler, kinder age. No planes or computers, just old–world values of community, family and tradition. Where summer means harvest celebrations, village fetes and afternoon tea.

So come where life is simply lovely. Join us in the cottage and unwind.